Herdwick Lamb

Seasonal, well hung Lake District Herdwick lamb with unmatched flavour… delivered to your door.


We have sold out of Herdwick Lamb this season. If you’d like to be on the list for summer 2017 then just email us – we have a list already!

We have some very tasty crossbred lamb in the freezer if you’re passing by the farm.

To make an order, please contact us.

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Herdwick is the traditional breed of the Lake District and Herdwick lamb has long been favoured for its superior flavour. Herdwick lambs are slow growing resulting in meat that is sweeter and fuller in flavour than other lamb.

At Fornside Farm sell our own Herdwick lamb and aim to have some available to order every 3-4 weeks. The lambs are taken to a local abattoir and butcher. The meat is hung for a week in the traditional way in order to tenderise the meat and enhance the flavour. The lamb is then professionally butchered into convenient cuts and bagged so that all the meat is ready to cook or home freeze.

Meat can be collected from the farm or sent direct from the butcher by overnight courier. You can order a whole or a half lamb. A whole lamb will weigh between 15 and 18kilos. Each box will contain 2 leg joints, steaks, shoulder, chops, neck and breast.


£60 per half lamb
£120 per whole lamb

We deliver nationwide
£10 per box (half or whole lamb).

We usually have stocks of individual cuts in the freezer that can be collected from the farm.

We hope you’ll be interested to buy some Fornside lamb, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Please get in touch to place your order.

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Butcher print by Everlong Print Co.
Butcher print by Everlong Print Co.